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Saturday, March 23, 2013, 10:57 PM
Kota Tinggi

Okay come! I share with u photos of our recent roadtrip to celebrate daddy's bday!!!!!:)

Where else but to the nearest waterfall we know!!
Kota Tinggi Rainforest!!!

So pretty right? Thank u instagrams for the filters! Its really a beautiful place.

Ate at a side stall .. Malaysians can be really friendly. They will not force u to pay immediately okay! They said.. eat first .. later all pay together!:)

And there was an auntie that recognised me which was shocking really:) its jus sweet seeing how friendly they are!:)

More pictures of the Trail that we walked and the waterfall!

Time to check in to the Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort! We were like one of the 3families there and we were very lucky coz we found out a grp of 100 would be checking in the next day so we avoided a peak period!!(:
See so pretty!

THEN we went to a night market in the evening where the food was so cheap! Like ramly burger 3 for RM5!!!
So yes it was a great trip:) and im down with fever but im leaving for bangkok in a day sooooo........ LETS LIVE